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Monday, 3 March 2014

review: skaters // manhattan

Well, New York bands are really bringing it with their debut albums lately - first Drowners, and now Skaters.
'Manhattan' is equally as likeable; it's faultless from start to finish. 

This one's for you if you're a fan of extremely catchy guitar riffs paired with brash, anthemic choruses.
Their post-punk influence was clear from the start with debut single 'I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)',
and is still prominent throughout the record, but that doesn't mean Skaters aren't exploring other avenues too.
'Band Breaker' and 'Fear Of The Knife' have a reggae feel, that makes me long for some sunshine..
whilst 'Nice Hat' is the most rowdy of the lot.

Stand out tracks would have to be 'Miss Teen Massachusetts''Symptomatic' and 'Schemers'.
I honestly don't have much else to say because it's just a brilliant piece of music.
Five stars from me.

Skaters are currently on tour in the UK (and I'm seeing them tomorrow, should I write a review?)
 You can find tour dates here.

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