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Monday, 10 March 2014

review : metronomy // love letters

photo : pitchfork 
Here it is, the fourth studio album from Devon quartet Metronomy; Love Letters.
My question is can it live up to its incredible predecessor, The English Rivera?

The answer, sadly, is no. 
So does that mean it was a disappointment? Certainly not. 
It's far better than anything some bands could make in their entire career.

Lead vocalist and founder of Metronomy Joseph Mount has recently moved across the Channel to Paris, 
the city of love, which has quite clearly had an effect on him. Love Letters is romantic, both in lyrics and sound. 

Out with the old, in with the new seems to be the band's motto for this album.
They have ditched their heavy, driving basslines - which I was a huge fan of - and replaced them
with swooning vocals and trumpets, giving it a 60s feel overall.

Don't worry though, the synths are still going strong. Listen to 'Boy Racers' to hear that more familiar new wave sound.
It's clear why 'I'm Aquarius' was the first single, because it's by far the stand out with its catchy Latino beat.
'Love Letters' - the album's title track - is given a distinctive 60s motown feel with drummer Anna Prior's backing vocals, 
and staccato piano rhythms. 
'Reservoir' could belong on The English Riviera, but aside from that it's a totally new sound.

The verdict:
Some good tracks on there (mentioned above), but also some not-so-impressive, mediocre stuff.
I think they've handled the transition well; it's still obviously Metronomy, just shown in a different light.

Metronomy are beginning their European tour this week.
Find dates here

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