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Thursday, 20 February 2014

tracks of the week #7

Blood Orange - Hold On We're Going Home (cover)
I thought Arctic Monkeys' cover of this Drake song was going to be 'unbeatable'..
Then I heard Dev Hynes' version and my mind was changed.
Seriously groovy, but what else would you expect? It's Dev, after all.

Exclamation Pony - Pseudo Individual
"Who on earth are Exclamation Pony?"
 I declared, upon reading the recommendation in a recent order from Banquet Records.
 (does anyone else get super excited when they write you a little note? no? ..just me).
 The lovechild of Ryan Jarman (The Cribs) and Jen Turner (Here We Go Magic), that's who.
If you like The Cribs then you'll like this, as there's a strong similarity (I wonder why)..

Phoenix - Armistice
Do I even need to explain? Phoenix are probably in my top 3 favourite bands.
This is an album that everyone should own, it is pure brilliance from start to finish.
I saw Phoenix earlier this month and they never fail to impress live, or on record for that matter.
(if anyone is interested, I was considering doing a review of the gig.. let me know!)

The Virgins - Wheel Of Fortune
Another of my all-time favourite bands, I just can't get enough of The Virgins.
This track is a perfect example of the slower pace of the second (and final..) album 'Strike Gently'.
I love how these guys can manage to do catchy, non-cheesy, slow songs.. that's pretty hard.

Bombay Bicycle Club - It's Alright Now
Back in the day I was a huge Bombay Bicycle Club fan.
Admittedly, I've loved everything they've ever done, but this wasn't a release I was looking forward to.
After hearing 'Carry Me', I was truly disappointed at the new direction Jack Steadman seemed to be taking.
However, I've now listened to the album in full, and I can see that it's simply an evolution.
It's noticeably Bombay Bicycle Club, with a different, more electronic, spin on things.
It's nowhere near as good as its predecessors, but if that's what they want to do, then so be it. 
'It's Alright Now' was (clearly) the stand-out track for me. 

Cage The Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams
I've only recently properly got myself into Cage The Elephant (thanks to Mollie).
Melophobia is so good, but the old stuff didn't ever interest me at all. 
I saw them supporting Foals (bit of an odd pairing?).. and they outshone them in every way possible.
Honestly, if you ever get a chance to go to a Cage The Elephant gig.. then please GO!
Matt Shultz was clearly born to be on the stage, it was a truly incredible performance.

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