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Saturday, 25 January 2014

review : drowners // drowners

If you're in need of curing the January blues, then I suggest you to get your hands on 
a copy of Drowners' fast-paced, punchy debut. 
(FYI: it's out on Monday, via Frenchkissing Records.)

I've spoken numerous times about how excited I am to see this band grow; I think the album
 sums up what they're about perfectly, in just half an hour's listening. 
Don't expect a pristine, polished sound.. because these guys are making proper, gritty guitar music.
And, in my opinion, that's exactly how it should be done - no frills; a bit rough around the edges. 

Every song has the potential to be a hit(t)...
Perhaps it's the length of the tracks, which makes them catchy and attention-grabbing
(they're each 3 minutes long at the most), but you definitely won't find any 'fillers' on here. 
The lyrics show off Hitt's poetic ability that we've seen in their previous releases - 
where real life is romanticised, but not overly so.

Stand out tracks would have to be:
'Let Me Finish', 'Pure Pleasure' and 'Watch You Change'.
'Bar Chat' is the most brash of the lot, and 'Unzip Your Harrington' slows the pace down a bit.

All in all, it's exceptional. Five stars from me.

Drowners will support fellow New Yorkers - Skaters - on their UK tour in March.
For more information on tour dates and to pre-order the album, click here.
You can read the interview I did with lead singer Matt Hitt here

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