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Thursday, 7 November 2013

news : tribes announce split


Camden quartet Tribes have announced their split today via Facebook and Twitter, which read:
"We are sad to announce that we will no longer be writing and performing together as Tribes. 
Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. We are proud of what we achieved together. 
You gave us the best four years of our lives so far."
There was no reason given for the split.

Their second album 'Wish To Scream' (which was released in May this year) wasn't much of a hit in comparison to their debut 'Baby'.
The band made appearances at Reading and Leeds this summer, and have been gigging as recently as last month, which is why I'm so surprised at the news.

Tribes were one of the best 'support band discoveries' I've made. 
I saw them not long after their debut EP 'We Were Children' was released in 2011, supporting The Kooks at Manchester Academy.
I even bumped into lead singer Johnny Lloyd at the bar (later I met the others), and they were all lovely people.
Too many decent bands are splitting (albeit for different reasons), but it's very sad.
We live an era where the music industry needs bands like this most, 
to counterbalance the utter shit churned out by talentless idiots (yes One Direction, I'm looking at you).

 So thank you Tribes, for entertaining me time and time again; you will be greatly missed.
I wish all four members the best of luck with whatever they do in the future.

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