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Friday, 15 November 2013

interview : drowners

Drowners are one of New York's best kept secrets, but won't be for much longer.
Named after a Suede song, fond of a good leather jacket, and frontman Matthew Hitt even had a brief modelling stint..
What's not to love?
Their debut album is due for release early next year, and they've already given us a preview with the single, 'Luv Hold Me Down'. 
You can watch the video here, (which consists mostly of skateboarding, beer-drinking, and travelling around America). 
These guys are seriously good, so if you haven't already checked them out then I suggest you do.

I managed to get in touch with Matthew, and he very kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Tell me a bit about yourselves..
We formed in late 2011 after we all met in numerous bars. 
I'd written some songs and decided to book a gig before we'd played together, 
so we kind of had a self-imposed deadline to get our heads down and work on some songs. 
We've kinda had that work ethic ever since.

How would you describe your sound?
It's sort of melodic post-punk influenced guitar music. 
Someone said neo-Britpop once and I quite liked that.

Your lyrics seem very 'real'. What do you tend to write about? 
Pretty much all of the songs are about actual people/situations that've happened. 
Otherwise, I write down things that I hear people say while they're arguing on a street corner or on the subway.

You guys met at a bar, right? What made you want to start the band together?
We just eventually realized that we had this massive musical common ground and we'd all played in bands before. 
It was something we all wanted to spend time doing and Jack had already gotten a practice space,
 so we kind of started meeting there instead of the pub.

What do you like doing when you're not making music?
Personally, I like walking around New York. I don't spend much time doing anything else. 
Writing, practicing, walking round and boozing...

Your debut album is due for release early next year. What should we expect? 
We recorded it with Gus Oberg and Johnny T in about 3 weeks. 
It's pretty fast paced and, to me, sounds romantically aggressive. 
It's out on January 28th through FrenchKiss Records.

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