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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

where i went : festival no.6

Festival Number 6 is very different to your typical festival. 
Set in the idyllic, Mediterreanean-inspired town of Portmeiron on the North Wales coast - a far cry from the usual muddy landscape most festivals offer. 
Being such a small festival (and only in it's second year of running), you'd expect the lineup to be pretty average.. but it was far from it. 
This year I was lucky enough to go on the Sunday, and (despite the terrible weather) I had a fantastic time.

 First up was Dan Croll, a singer/songwriter from Liverpool.
 I was really looking forward to seeing him, and he was just as good as I'd hoped. 
I would describe his sound as acoustic-meets-electronic.. Quite a combination, but it definitely works.

I was hoping to see Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs next, but unfortunately the stage they were playing got closed due to the horrible weather! 

Next was Johnny Marr. 
I've never had an interest in his solo stuff, but it was actually pretty good! 
I'd heard rumours that he would be playing some Smiths songs, which was the reason I went to see him. And sure enough, he did. 
He ended with 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', dedicating it to "everybody in this tent, and nobody else... except Nile Rodgers". 

And then it was time for Chic.

Nile Rogers made sure the crowd knew that he'd written all the songs they would be performing (so modest), and that they weren't just a naff covers band. 
They played all the classics, as well as some Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, and even Sugarhill Gang. 
Not one person was standing still during the 45 minute set, which says it all really!

It was a shame we didn't get to see loads of bands, but the people we did see more than made up for that!
I'd definitely recommend Festival Number 6. It's small which gives it a nice atmosphere, and the lineup is bound to be fantastic.

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