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Friday, 13 September 2013

tracks of the week #1

I'm back with a favourites post, after a very long break.
I thought it would be a good idea to make them a weekly feature, rather than monthly.. (let me know what you think!)

Tribes - Whenever
I'd completely forgotten about Tribes, until seeing them at Leeds Festival this year.
'Whenever' is the title track from their debut album, 'Baby', and the opener on their setlist.
Once you've heard it, you'll understand why.

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs - Things We Be
Charlie Boyer's voice could easily be mistaken for Peace frontman Harrison Koisser, but these guys aren't part of that crowd by any means. Punky guitar riffs, and clever lyrics aplenty ("does he love you dear?//of course he loves you//with your knees by your ears").

Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
Perhaps I'm biased? (definitely), but there's no denying this is a stand-out track on the album.
Fantastic lyrics from Mr. Turner (as always), backed by some proper rock music. 
Full album review to follow.

Skaters - I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)
New York band Skaters definitely make me wanna dance with this track.
 Shouty vocals, brash guitar riffs, and lots of leather.

The Strokes - You Only Live Once
Firstly, I'd like to point out that it was actually The Strokes who invented 'yolo'. 
They're a band who have been consistently brilliant, I hope they make a comeback (soon).
'You Only Live Once' is quite possibly my favourite Strokes song.. ever. That's saying something.

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
I finally got to see Phoenix at Leeds this year, and it was definitely worth the wait. 
'If I Ever Feel Better' is from their debut album 'United', which was released in 2000. 
13 years later, they're still brilliant.


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