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Saturday, 21 September 2013

tracks of the week #2

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Rango
The latest single from Llandudno's finest. Featuring a staple in their setlist, 'A.S.A', as the b-side. 
Both tracks are equally brilliant (obviously). 
Proving that with this band, it just gets better.

Temples - Keep In The Dark
They certainly do like to keep us in the dark - this is only the band's third single, but after listening to them you'll see that their motto must be 'quality not quantity'. 
Seriously though, hurry up and give us the album, I can't wait much longer!

Washed Out - All I Know
I'd never listened to Washed Out before, but the album cover caught my eye so I gave it a go.
Sure enough, it sounded as pretty as it looked. Think Friendly Fires, but more chilled out..
'All I Know' is probably my favourite track on the album, it sounds like a summer's day.

Life In Film - The Idiot
I'd never heard of these guys until X&Y festival in July. 
We caught about 5 minutes of their set, and their songs were really catchy.
I don't think I'd love this song quite as much if it didn't have such funny lyrics.
"you say something stupid//you're useless".. charming.

Peace - White Noise (Disclosure Cover)
Yet another fantastic cover by Peace. 
They have managed to make Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and now Disclosure actually sound good
When they performed this in Radio 1's Live Lounge they threw in a few lines of Pink Floyd - 'Another Brick In The Wall', which was a nice touch. 
Top lads, with a very enviable collection of jackets.

Summer Camp - Fresh
If you thought this duo couldn't get any cuter, then you were wrong.. They got married.
'Fresh' is the first single from their self-titled second album, which has more of an upbeat disco vibe to it than 'Welcome To Condale'.
Rather apt considering disco legends Kool and the Gang also had a song called 'Fresh'.

Arctic Monkeys - Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake Cover)
Two live lounge covers in one post, sorry (not sorry)..
This sounded so good, you'd never guess it was a cover of a Drake song.
I particularly enjoyed Alex's dancing.. 'the embarrassing dad'/Elvis Presley? 


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