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Monday, 30 September 2013

review : haim // days are gone

Initially, Haim were a band I was unsure of. I didn't really 'get' them.
Then I heard 'Don't Save Me' on the radio and my life was changed forever.

Nearly 12 months later, they're pretty high up on the list of my favourite bands.
Their music is a perfect combination of old-meets-new, which leaves me with one question - how on earth do these ladies do it?
And it's not just the music I'm talking about. Their style, the incredible 'girl-power!' vibe they give off (and not in a cheesy Spice Girls way), their humour (I'm looking at you Este), how down-to-earth they are.. the list is endless!

'Days Are Gone' is a brilliant debut for Haim, it captures everything they're about and showcases their ability to combine a range of genres in their music.
Despite working with big-name producers James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine) and Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Major Lazer), it's clear that Haim have led the way with this one.

The first half is mostly made up of the singles - a pop/R&B sound that's unmistakably 80s.
The second half takes a slower pace, and the girls' rock influence shines through.
Stand out tracks have to be: 'The Wire', 'If I Could Change Your Mind', 'Honey & I', 'Running If You Call My Name'.

I really want to be the fourth Haim sister.. (please?)

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