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Thursday, 3 October 2013

introducing : paul orwell

Paul Orwell is a singer/songwriter from London who is influenced by all things 60s.
Think psychedelic, with a Jake Bugg twist.

He has just released the video for his song 'Little Reason'.

It's a refreshing but also nostalgic sound. Once you've heard 'Little Reason', you'll have plenty of reason to coif up your best beehive in true 60s style.
I had a little chat with Paul to give you a background idea about the man himself..

What sparked your interest in music?
When the Beatles Anthology's first came on TV I had to get a guitar. I love Lennon, I wanted to know what he listened to.
That opened my musical horizons, introducing me to Gene Vincent and Buddy Holly...which started me record collecting. 
Then one thing lead to another.

How are you influenced as a musician? 
I'm a fan of 60's b-sides, and obscure beat gems.

I'm listening to a lot of Joe Meek, Jaques Dutronc, Animals, and early Stones. 

I love the magical feeling of moody mod with a dark edge.

What's next for Paul Orwell?
Well, I've recorded an album's worth of songs so I'm hoping to get some released.. then get some gigs booked asap!

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