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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

march : my most played songs

as always, in no particular order:

Marika Hackman - Bath is Black
I'm not a huge fan of singer/songwriters - I generally prefer the sound of a band, however Marika Hackman's sound is absolutely wonderful. It's folky, but her lyrics are quite dark.. 
Listen to 'Bath is Black' and 'Cannibal'  if you haven't done already!

Foals - Late Night
As you'll know from February's post, I was initially unsure on 'Holy Fire'. However, I saw Foals at Liverpool's O2 Academy at the start of the month and they were brilliant, so I was encouraged to give the album another try.. and sure enough, here I am with yet another Foals song for you!

Local Natives - Breakers
I decided to check out some of the bands on the Green Man lineup I'd not listened to before, and these guys seem pretty good indeed.

The 1975 - Me
Do you really think I could do a post without giving The 1975 a mention?
'Me' is from their newest EP 'Music for Cars' and it's great. I think it's a shame they don't release the stuff like this and 'Undo' (from the 'Sex' EP) as singles because they're a different sound entirely.

Theme Park - Tonight
My lovely friend Alex bought us tickets to see Theme Park at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester earlier this month, it was great! They had such good stage presence, sounded brilliant, and we even got signed posters/vinyls afterwards! 'Tonight' is their latest single from the debut album.

Peace - In Love (Album)
I have too many 'most played' songs on this album so I'm going to include the whole thing. 
I saw Peace when they were pretty new on the scene last May, supporting Mystery Jets (in the days of 'BBLOOD'). I think their sound is great - I still play their 'Delicious' EP on a regular basis, and in my eyes they are the best bunch to come out of the sudden rush of Birmingham bands (others include Swim Deep and Jaws). 
My favourite songs on the album would have to be 'Float Forever', 'Toxic', and 'Lovesick' (and of course the older ones like 'Bloodshake', 'Follow Baby', 'Wraith' and 'California Daze')

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