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Friday, 8 August 2014

song of the week : palm honey // palace

We're well and truly in the midst of summer here in the UK, although you'd never have guessed, but Reading four piece Palm Honey's track 'Palace' makes up for the summer vibes that aren't being provided by our typically British weather.

The track sits comfortably between the hazy, fuzzy melodies of Tame Impala, and one of By the Sea's dream-pop/rock fantasies. It's early days for the band, who have only got four demos on their Soundcloud page - 'Palace' being the most popular by a long way - but with a bit more confidence and practise under their belts, they wouldn't sound out of place on a label like Captured Tracks.

NME have already cottoned on to their potential, so catch them while you can. 

Written for Post Music Depression

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