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Saturday, 2 August 2014

review : the drums // magic mountain

No one does drums quite like The Drums, and that is the distinguishable feature of 'Magic Mountain'. The other is the vocals; an astounding sound that is unique to one man only, and that man is Jonny Pierce. Choruses are looped, amongst a series of 'oohs', which is another running theme with The Drums.
But the most significant difference here is that this is much darker than anything we've heard before from the band. It's almost as if they've been transported from the glorious Californian beaches into the darkest depths of outer-space, judging by the unusual variety of sounds used hereFrontman Jonny described the new material as 'full of magic and surprises', and it would be wrong to say 'Magic Mountain' lacks either of those qualities. It's still quite obviously The Drums, just with a different spin on things; a different setting in their ongoing story, as opposed to an unexpected plot twist. 

It's been a long time coming, anticipating what this band's next move will be, but I'm certain that it'll be worth the wait. Encyclopedia is out 23rd September.

Written for Post Music Depression

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