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Sunday, 20 July 2014

review : lucy rose // cover up

If you first heard ‘Cover Up‘ played on the radio, not knowing who it belonged to, you’d think Jack Steadman and co. had roped in Lucy Rose to appear once more as a guest vocalist on a new song. But surprisingly this is purely her own creation, although it is very much in keeping with Bombay Bicycle Club’s recent work, and has that same oriental/electronic feel as the material on So Long, See You Tomorrow.
It’s a far cry from the singer/songwriter’s debut album Like I Used To; but two years down the line, it would seem that she’s eager to shake off the label of ‘singer/songwriter’ (and rightly so too, as they’re coming in by the dozen). Her soft vocals are still apparent – being the only feature of ‘Cover Up‘ that makes it recognisable as a Lucy Rose track - but the obvious message she wants to get across here is that she’s stepping out of her comfort zone, putting down her trusty guitar, and trying out a more grown up sound.
I can understand her reason for moving into a different genre entirely; there’s only so much you can do with a voice and a guitar, but it’s a bold move for a second album and certainly raises a few questions. Is she still living in the shadow of her older and wiser mates, Bombay Bicycle Club, and trying to keep up with their ever-changing sound? I’d previously got the impression she wanted to escape from all of that. She’ll have to be careful how she handles this change if she doesn’t want any more comparisons. 
There’s no denying that this girl has talent, let’s just hope she puts it to good use.
You can download ‘Cover Up‘ for free here.

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