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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

review : alvvays // adult diversion

It would be fairly easy to mistake this track for Best Coast initially, with the surf-rock-tainted melody, and fuzzy female vocals; which to most people is a sound made solely by the inhabitants of the Golden State. But if you listen closely, you'll realise that Alvvays' music is a far more complex affair than the Californian duo's simplistic, and - let's be honest - often dreary sound. 

There are hints of post-punk in the guitars on 'Adult Diversion', but it's got beachy vibes through and through (despite being manufactured in Toronto). The vocals are more upbeat than those of the aforementioned band, whilst still retaining the raw and unrefined sound synonymous with surf-rock; well, apart from those Beach Boys, with their silky-smooth voices..damn.

Alvvays' debut album is due for release on 21st July, and I can tell already it's going to be a strong competitor for my favourite summer album.

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