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Monday, 14 October 2013

single of the week // drowners

I've posted about Drowners a few times now on here, because they're a band who consistently impress me with every release. 

The story: lead singer Matt Hitt is originally from South Wales, but relocated to New York a few years ago. 
He met a few guys who were into music, and Drowners were born.

Their debut EP 'Between Us Girls' was released in the UK in February, via Birthday Records. 
It featured three tracks, all under two minutes in length, and paints the perfect picture of the band.
Leather jackets, Jack Kerouac, skateboards, New York's East Village. These guys are the epitome of cool. 
It's no wonder they're best mates with Alexa Chung.

Their latest single 'Luv, Hold Me Down' showcases a more polished sound than what we heard on the EP. 
Hitt's vocals are noticeably enhanced, not that he needs them to be, and the guitars are more Smiths-y (which isn't a bad thing).
His writing is still the same though; describing real-life situations, which makes the songs relatable (but not in a Mike Skinner way, a much more refined way..)
He once joked that he doesn't walk around with headphones on, because he'll hear a couple arguing and think 'oh, there's a chorus'.. and to a certain extent I can see this is true. 

Surely this can only mean that the album, which is due for release in January 2014, will be even more impressive.

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