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Thursday, 6 November 2014

tracks of the week #11

Kaasi - Work With Me
A totally new sound for me, but I've really been enjoying this lately. 
Kaasi's more recent upload of new track 'Lisse' is pretty great too.

Sonder // Feel Me
Again, not my usual go-to 'genre', but very easy listening. 
Credit to Jess for getting me hooked on both of these artists.

Public Access TV // In the Mirror
Another cracking single from these guys. The B-side is brilliant too. 
Read my full review here. 

The 1975 // Medicine
This is the side of The 1975 that I adore. Along the same vein as the pre-album EP tracks, such as 'Undo'/'fallingforyou', which are some of my favourites. 

Beach Fossils // Taking Off
Love this album so much. Love Beach Fossils so much. 

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