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Friday, 22 August 2014

song of the week : craft spells // breaking the angle against the tide

Breaking the Angle Against the Tide‘ is a prime example of the more relaxed, less in-your-face approach Craft Spells have taken with their second album, Nausea. It’s refreshing for us as listeners, when Idle Labor felt as though frontman and founding member Justin Vallesteros had a sizeable amount of relationship-induced angst to get out of his system. The guitars aren’t weighed down by loss and longing and sadness on ‘Breaking the Angle Against the Tide‘. Instead, they’re shimmering and sun-soaked, and backed by dream-like string melodies.It’s the perfect first release from Nausea, as it really does feel like there’s a shift in perspective during the song – like a beam of sunlight breaking through the metaphorical clouds of sadness.

But sometimes the best music is made when people are in their most raw emotional state, and that would be true for Craft Spells, because despite their best intentions, Idle Labor will always come out on top.

Written for Post Music Depression

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