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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

review : metronomy // reservoir


'Reservoir' opens with an alienated-electro sequence which is in keeping with past releases, such as 'Radio Ladio', rather than the rest of the motown-feeling tracks on Metronomy's latest offering 'Love Letters'.  It's also noticeable that Anna Prior has, sadly, been replaced by a barely-there drum machine. 

The intergalactic theme continues as a spiralling techno melody fires off into the distance, and bounces back again, creating a build up to the chorus. Here Joe Mount's voice lifts an octave or two, belting out "heartbeats, drifting together", and that's where you see that 'Reservoir' is different. It's the affectionate lyrics that have earned it a place on 'Love Letters'. 

There's an aquatic feel subtly encorporated with the album's sound - it reminds me of the soundtrack Wes Anderson's 'The Life Aquatic (with Steve Zissou)' - and 'Reservoir' is where this is most prominent. The lyrics are referencing a metaphorical boat, which represents a female, and the song's title is water-related too. 

So despite my initial thoughts that it was similar to past releases, I now see that it is in fact very different. It explores some unconventional themes - from outer space to under the sea - proving that Metronomy are becoming increasingly hard to pin down to a specific sound with every release.

Written for Post Music Depression

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