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Monday, 29 October 2012

introducing : the 1975

The 1975 are one of my favourite bands, and I thought it was high time I did a little post on them.

They're a group of four lads from Manchester who met at school and decided to make some music. Despite them changing their name more than I change my hair colour, I've managed to see them a good few times over the past 2 years. I first saw them supporting One Night Only when they were playing under the name 'Big Sleep' and instantly fell in love with their sound. Then they had support slots on two of Little Comets' tours, both of which I went to (more to see them than Little Comets, sorry lads).
The nicest bit is, they're such lovely people! I'm so pleased that they're signed and are getting the recognition they deserve - Radio One's Huw Stephens is a big fan. I know they're going to be HUGE. 

They brought out their first EP in August - 'Facedown' which you can download on iTunes. There are 2 more EPs and an album on the cards - the second EP comes out on 18th November. The EP's title track 'Sex' has been around since the 'Big Sleep' days, you can listen to it here.

They're currently working on the album in Liverpool, with producer Mike Crossey who's worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Tribes, Two Door Cinema Club, Ben Howard and The Kooks. 
Then they'll be doing their first headline tour at the start of December with shows in Leeds, Glasgow, Hull, Manchester, London, Southampton, Birmingham, Dublin, Belfast and Newcastle.

//w a t c h//t h i s//s p a c e//

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